With the Failure of Several Beta Amyloid Drug Trials For Alzheimer’s, Attention is Turning to Other Possible Cures

Several Alzheimer drug tests released this summer had disappointing results in clinical trials. The drugs were developed with the assumption that beta amyloid proteins were the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The scientific community has embraced that theory for years. That theory has been disputed by a minority of researchers including Dr. Claude Wischik. The 63 year old researcher has long claimed that the disease is caused by another protein called tau. That theory is now gaining traction and funding for two large drug trials. If he is correct he will turn the scientific community on its head.

History has several examples of medical breakthroughs that came from researchers who went against conventional wisdom; linking the cause of cholera to contaminated water and the cause of ulcers caused by bacteria. That said it is difficult to be heard when you are going against the grain.

An article in the Wall Street Journal on November 9, 2012 titled “An Outcast Among His Peers Gains Traction on Alzheimer’s Cure” outlines the differences and the history of the two approaches and interviews Dr. Wischik.

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