Vital Living Forum Highlights Young Onset Dementia

Orange TV’s program Vital Living Forum recently did an episode about early onset dementia. The program uses local families and local experts to take us on the journey from noticing symptoms of young onset dementia to how it is diagnosed, to coping with the diagnosis and to planning for the future. It gives a first hand look at how our neighbors cope with the diagnosis and where to find support. It gives excellent advice on estate planning and legal issues. There is a discussion about getting Social Security Disability and long term disability from an employer.

Although it only accounts 10% of all diagnosed dementia cases, young onset dementia is difficult to diagnose and the challenges can be significantly different for those under 65 than those over 65. Employment, children, family dynamics and financial considerations are all issues that are very different for people with young onset dementia. The program addresses all of these topics.

Earlier this year we published an article about young onset dementia, or Frontotemporal Dementia titled ” Misunderstood and often misdiagnosed, Frontotemporal Dementia is very different than other forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s “ . The article underscores how difficult it is to diagnose and treat the disease.

For more information on young onset dementia contact Sutton Homes.

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