Sutton Homes Stays Active for Healthy Aging

Staying Active for Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month! As we age, the importance of staying physically active becomes more pertinent. Of course, staying active is easier said than done. The hustle and bustle of everyday life tend to push out the room for exercising and eating a well-balanced diet. From slowing metabolism to an increase in chronic illnesses, seniors face a number of challenges their younger peers do not. Not to mention, when we age, it is harder to get around and find the motivation to do just that. This recent study published by The Journal of Neuroscience explains some seniors have areas in the brain similar to those of young people!

Along with lots of exercising, it is not only vital for a senior in Orlando, FL with housing benefits but at every age to eat a healthy diet, schedule continuous health check-ups, stay hydrated and even maintain connections in the community. It is also a good idea to check with your physician prior to beginning an exercise regimen and diet plan. This way, you know what is best for your body and can stay on track towards healthier living. By volunteering and staying active out in society, you can remain engaged with those around you as well. Just remember, applying these activities means less chance of disease like dementia and altercations in the future. Download the app, PokemonGo. Get outside and try to catch em’ all! Find any way to be active and motivate yourself to go on walks or even bike riding.

Sutton Homes performs a variety of exercises to get their residents moving and provide transportation to some outings to engage with other people and get the physical activity they need. As far as eating a healthy diet, water is essential! Sutton Homes provides healthy snacks and fresh water inside their homes for residents to enjoy no matter the time. You can never go wrong with fresh apples, ripe banana’s, and beautiful strawberries. Along with stocking water and healthy snacks, Sutton Homes also provides three healthy meals a day cooked daily by the caregivers.  Ultimately, Sutton Homes live by the three H’s: healthy, happy, and hydrated!

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