Sutton Homes promotes staying active!

Sutton Homes promotes staying active by remembering what it’s like to be at home. We encourage our residents to do house hold tasks such as setting the table, making the bed, and folding laundry not because our caregivers need the help but merely to ensure our residents don’t forget how to complete these everyday tasks that some of us take for granted. Aside from scheduled fun activities that our residents enjoy, we also invite guests to entertain the Sutton Homes residents. We hope you can stop by to enjoy January’s planned events! Check out our schedule below.

Happy New Year!

January 2016

Music Therapy with Kendall:

  1/5/16—Miscindy 10AM

  1/7/16—Derbyshire 9:30AM, Glastonberry 10:30AM, Quenita 1PM

  1/15/16—Cynthianna 1:00PM, Tivoli 2:00PM

  1/19/16—St. Giles 9:30AM, Sand Pines 10:30AM

  1/26/16—Quenita 10:30AM

  1/27/16—Miscindy 10:00AM

  1/28/16—Cynthianna 9:30AM, Tivoli 10:30AM

  1/29/16—Derbyshire 9:30AM, Glastonberry 10:30AM

Entertainment by Kenny Wayne:

  1/5/16—Cynthianna 10:30AM, Tivoli 1:00PM

  1/7/16—St. Giles 10:30AM, Sand Pines 1:00PM

  1/12/16—Miscindy 10:30AM, Quenita 1:00PM

  1/14/16—Derbyshire 9:00AM, Glastonberry 11:00AM, Mt. Dora 2:00PM

  1/19/16—Miscindy 10:30AM, Tivoli 1:00PM

  1/21/16—Mt. Dora 2:00PM

  1/26/16—Sand Pines 10:30AM

  1/28/16—St. Giles 10:30AM

Team Elliott:

  1/4/16—Quenita 10:30AM

  1/18/16—Glastonberry 1:30PM

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