Sutton Homes October Activities Calendar


Music Therapy with Kendall:

   10/6/15—Miscindy 10:00AM                   

   10/8/15—Derbyshire 9:30AM

   10/8/15—Glastonberry 10:30AM  

   10/8/15—Quenita 1:00PM

   10/20/15—St. Giles 9:30AM   

  10/20/15—Sand Pines 10:30AM

   10/22/15—Cynthianna 9:30AM   

  10/22/15—Tivoli 10:30AM

   10/23/15—Derbyshire 9:30AM   

  10/23/15—Glastonberry 10:30AM

   10/27/15—Quenita 10:30AM   

  10/28/15—Miscindy 10:00AM

   10/29/15—Cynthianna 9:30AM    

  10/29/15—Tivoli 10:30AM


Entertainment by Kenny Wayne:

   10/1/15—Sand Pines 10:30AM   

  10/1/15—Mt. Dora 2:00PM

   10/6/15—Cynthianna 10:30AM   

  10/6/15—Tivoli 1:00PM

   10/8/15—Miscindy 10:30AM   

  10/13/15—Tivoli 1:00PM

   10/15/15—Sand Pines 10:30AM   

   10/15/15—St. Giles 1:30PM

   10/20/15—Miscindy 10:30AM   

   10/20/15—Quenita 1:00PM

   10/22/15—Mt. Dora 2:00PM  

   10/27/15—St. Giles 2:00PM

   10/29/15—Derbyshire 9:00AM   

   10/29/15—Glastonberry 11:00AM


Team Elliott:

   10/12/15—Quenita 1:30PM   

  10/30/15—Glastonberry 10:30AM

October 17th is the Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk. Mark your calendar!

Don’t forget to join our ALZ Walk team!

Check out the Caring Crusaders Walk Team 


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