Sutton Homes accommodates those who are living in their past

Sutton Homes accommodates those who live in the past!

According to, there is a link between the perception of time and memory function in those with dementia. Sutton Homes specializes in memory care and not only creates a safe and secure home like environment for their residents, they are also able to accommodate residents as they revert back through their passage of time. Sutton Home’s Memory Care Homes has bilingual administrators and caregivers, for those who revert back to their native language and they adopts all religious backgrounds into their daily activities. 

Rather than trying to bring the person with dementia back to reality, caregivers enter their reality in order to build trust and reduce embarrassment and anxiety. One of Sutton Home’s resident is a Rabbi who resides in Sutton Homes’ W. Orange County location. This particular home celebrates all Jewish holidays, activities, as well as provides kosher meals. Sutton Homes also has two German residents who enjoy reminiscing about their native country as well as play Scrabble in German! Sutton Homes’ downtown location has a sweet resident who loves to dance to musicians such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, and Frankie Ruiz while looking through a picture book of her native country of Puerto Rico. 

Contact us for more information and for a tour of one of our memory care homes. We look forward to accommodating your loved one through their passage of time!

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