Scents Can Spark Memories


I recently gave a tour to a kind gentleman who was looking for an alternate assisted living facility for his mother. He told me that his mom has been living in her current ALF for the last 6 months and often gets lost within the building. He also mentioned that she forgets to eat and he is now forced to pay a monthly convenience fee so a caregiver can remind her when it is time to eat with the other residents in the large dining area.

Needless to say he was impressed with Sutton Homes’ all-inclusive rate with no extra charges for levels of care. Then he asked our caregiver, “Will you remind my mother when it is time for her to eat?” Our caregiver replied, “I probably won’t have to. The residents always smell our home cooked meals and participate with meal preparation.”

It never occurred to me that one does not smell cooked meals within a large facility thus, forgetting to eat. As stated on, “Although someone with severe-stage dementia may seem beyond all interaction, you may be able to reach in and connect through smell.” This makes perfect sense… I know when I smell a home cooked meal or baked cookies I am in a happier mood.

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