Do You Have Questions About Our Assisted Living Homes?

Enjoying Craft Time at Sutton Homes

Are you a licensed Florida Assisted Living Facility?
Yes, we are locally-owned and fully licensed by the State of Florida as an assisted living facility (ALF#8259).

Can you keep residents from wandering?
Yes. Each one of our homes is located in a safe, residential neighborhood complete with a security system and a fenced backyard. Our staff, is familiar with the habits and nuances of each resident which helps your loved one maintain a safe and sound home environment.

Can residents stay if they become agitated?
Yes. Should your loved one get agitated, we will do our very best to ease their fears and make them as comfortable as possible. By knowing our residents well, we can often avoid these situations.

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Can you handle incontinence?
Yes. Rest assured that our caregivers will be discreet, professional, and respectful at all times.

Do you have special ways to deal with “sun downing”?
Should it occur, our caregivers take special care to redirect and assist our residents. Our caregiver’s familiarity with each resident’s personality and background helps in minimizing such episodes.

Do you have activities for the limited attention spans of residents with memory loss?
Yes. Our Activities Coordinator will incorporate activities and programs that are specifically tailored to each individual’s interest. These programs could include group functions, as well as crafts, singing, dancing, games, puzzles, and exercise at various levels.

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Are your caregivers specifically trained to work with Alzheimer’s?
Yes. All of our caregivers have been specifically trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Can the residents help with cooking, gardening, and housework?
Absolutely! While we don’t make these activities mandatory, should your loved one wish to participate they will be encouraged to do so.

Do you consider each resident’s past profession, hobbies, etc?
Yes. We consider your loved one’s personal history and interests which are discussed in detail and noted prior to move-in. Our assisted living facilities will cook favorite foods as well as plan programs and activities that have been tailored to their hobbies and interests.

Will my loved one feel safe, calm, and at home here?
Yes. The intimacy of the home atmosphere, the familiarity of the staff and the setting, the consistency of routines, all help create a feeling of calmness and safety.

Are caregivers able to communicate with residents and understand their individual needs?
Yes. Our caregivers have been specifically trained in helping residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia and they often develop a special bond with your loved one, allowing them to communicate freely.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes. Sutton Homes does accept Long Term Care Insurance, Private Pay, and Long Term Care Diversion Plans. Please Contact Sutton Homes for more details.

Why should someone consider the special assisted living facilities at Sutton Homes vs. a regular assisted living facility?
Unlike large facilities, we have a five to one patient/caregiver ratio to ensure optimum care throughout the day and night. Your loved one will live in a familiar home setting in a pleasant neighborhood with a lifestyle that is as close to normal as his/ her functioning skills allow. Yet all the medical assistance of a large facility is readily available.

Do they offer any ancillary services?
Yes. A Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, Hair Dresser, Manicurist, Physical, and Occupational Therapists, Hospice and Home Health Services are available.

If you have questions that were not answered on this page, please email us or call us at (407)740-8815.

“On this Mother’s Day, my first without my own, I find that some of my fondest memories of her are at Sutton Homes . . . in the living room, the yard, in pictures of both. From my first visit and meeting with your staff, I thought, “this is a place she could be happy.” And she was. You gave us help, strength and understanding, and helped Mom be happy in her last days. How wonderful!” Joseph Newland, Son, Pennsylvania

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