Nutrition Ideas for Stress Reduction

good nutrition This informative article by Cheryl Ellis, from, provides essential information on how to counteract stress with good nutrition.

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Stress depletes the body of energy in a variety of ways. Loss of sleep, feelings of agitation or depression, and development of poor eating habits are “side effects” of stress that need intervention. Some stress can help us rise to the occasion and get things done, but too much stress drains the body. One way to break the stress cycle is by changing the diet to one that can actually help reduce stress.

The body under stress will experience a reduction in vital nutrients, such as B vitamins, which are nervous system helpers. Depending on magnesium to help with muscles and calcium for bones, the overstressed system may benefit from vitamin and mineral supplements. Before starting a vitamin regimen, consult with your primary doctor about any special needs you may have. The doctor may be able to refer you to a nutritionist who can target specific requirements and make useful dietary changes.

When stressed, all individuals may go for “comfort food,” which can include coffee, even if it’s decaffeinated…

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