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Loneliness Among Seniors

Loneliness Among Seniors

As you grower older, your circle of friends tends to shrink. You get busy with your own life and start to lose touch. This is extremely common in older adults, more so in those 70 and older.  Researchers found those who reported loneliness were more likely to have difficulties with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and more according to this article by The New York Times. As a senior, it’s easy to feel alone. All your kids have grown and moved out. You’re less likely to hang out with friends as this may require no issues with mobility and If you are someone who needs some assistance, this task is already strenuous. Making friends is very beneficial in fighting loneliness among seniors.

Assisted living communities are absolute wonderful as they offer several opportunities for social interactions. “I couldn’t help noticing how many of the elders I spoke with had benefited from living in retirement communities and nursing homes- they very destinations so many people dread. They can provide proximity, shared activities, and a larger pool of prospective friends,” stated by Paula Span, author for The New York Times. Receiving that stimulation and engagement from others can immensely affect not only their activities of daily living, but also fight depression and loneliness. Being happy is our goal in the end.

At Sutton Homes, we offer residential homes with 5 others to interact and play games with. The small number of residents can create a more approachable environment whereas the larger, more overwhelming facilities make it slightly harder for those to make friends. Shy or not, walking into an activity, not knowing anyone and trying to make friends can be difficult. It’s like the first day of school all over again. We pride ourselves in providing the utmost care while allowing residents to form close bonds that will last a life time.

Beating Insomnia with Alzheimer’s

  Beating Insomnia with Alzheimer’s

Insomnia is becoming more prominent in the older population. While there are many causes, it is good to be aware and of its side effects and how to fix the problem at hand. “A survey done in 1995 by researchers at the National Institute on Aging among more than 9,000 people aged 65 and older living in three communities revealed that 42 percent reported difficulty with both falling asleep and staying asleep.” This article points out hardships seniors face daily. The reality is less sleep leads to higher risks of falls and possible fractures. Alzheimer’s is another factor that can cause insomnia that several people may not realize is the case. A popular term, named sundowning, happens to those suffering from Alzheimer’s where in the evening, they may feel higher levels of agitation and confusion. This can greatly affect someone’s sleep schedules who has Alzheimer’s or Dementia as they stay up longer with disoriented thoughts. Healthy habits suggested by this article to improve sleep with or without Alzheimer’s, is eating fruits or drinking tea a couple hours before bed time.  Reading a book or newspaper before bed can help with falling asleep as well. Also, scheduling a routine for daily tasks can greatly benefit an individual’s sleep schedule.

At Sutton Homes, our specialized residential memory care homes offer a selection of fruits every day along with tea and an assortment of beverages. We coordinate personalized schedules with every resident so they have a set time for meals, showers, bed time, and activities all tailored to their needs and preferences. This allows residents to get into a routine and maintain better sleep schedules. Of course, if someone would like to stay up a little longer to watch a show or activity, residents have the right to do so. Sutton Homes is here to care for our residents and ensure they are eating well, getting the right amount of sleep and physical activity each day! For more information on our homes near you, please call (407) 740-8815. 

Happy Holidays from Sutton Homes

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays!  As we reflect on 2017, we want to acknowledge all who helped make our year successful; our community partners, employees, and residents! After 22 years, it is still a privilege to serve those who are living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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Best Wishes,

Gail Baxter, Founder

Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month! Alzheimer’s affects everyone differently as there are several forms of Dementia with different signs and symptoms. Does your loved one confuse their words when they speak? Do they seem to get more agitated in the evening? Are they having trouble sleeping through the night or forgetting what day it is? When visiting over the upcoming holidays, take a moment to really notice your loved one’s behavior when you’re together enjoying family time. Engaging yourself and staying aware can help you determine if there are differences in their behavior. Keeping up with any minor change can better prepare you and your loved one for the future.

If you notice that your loved one may need some additional assistance with their daily living, or needs a caregiver to ensure their safety, please consider touring Sutton Homes Memory Care. We offer a residential memory care home that specializes in caring for those living with memory impairments and engage our residents with daily activities and exercises to stay healthy and active.  At Sutton Homes you’ll feel an intimate and familiar feeling of being “at home” versus that overwhelming feeling of being in an institutionalized facility.

Sutton Homes Memory Care is currently serving three counties in the Central Florida area.
Call (407) 740-8815 for a tour in your area!

Halloween Memories for Seniors

Cherished memories for seniors includes the many holidays they celebrate. At Sutton Homes we incorporate all holidays for our residents. Celebrating Halloween to include passing out candy to trick or treaters, baking pumpkin spiced desserts, and simply dressing up in costumes or sharing stories about how they once celebrated halloween are just a few things that we do in our memory care homes. What are some of your cherished Halloween memories ?



















Happy Halloween from Sutton Homes!

Central Florida Senior Living Options

Senior Living Options in Central Florida. What are my options?

Feeling confused and overwhelmed when locating a senior living community is common for most people. There is so much information to know and learn.  It’s crucial  to understand the differences between the senior living options so you know which place best fits the needs of your loved one. Although there are many housing options available, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes are the three main options available to you.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living communities are designed for seniors who can no longer live on their own that need assistance with managing medications, activities of daily living, meals and housekeeping. Keep in mind there are large and small assisted living facilities. In the large facilities, residents can live in private or shared rooms which frequently have a small kitchenettes attached and receive restaurant style meals. Staff is available 24 hours per day to ensure resident safety and engage in physical activity. Most assisted living communities provide at least a standard license, but there are two other licenses they can have. Lively activities are performed by the activities director such as indoor bowling, painting, movie nights, and even socials. Scheduled transportation to outings and are also available in most communities for grocery shopping, dinners, and more. In the smaller residential assisted living homes, residents get a warm family environment. There are typically no more than 6 residents and caregivers provide assistance around the clock. This option is good for those who may get overwhelmed in a large community.

Memory Care

There are numerous senior housing options for people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s available called memory care facilities. Most of these living environments have secured or locked units to ensure their residents are safe. With memory impaired, these communities offer 24-hour support from caregivers and structure activities to ensure a high quality of life such as incorporating music therapy to their residents. Sutton Homes is a strong believer in music and performing lively activities. Their small, intimate residential homes are perfect for those with memory impairments because of how familiar they feel being in a similar home they once resided in. Many families try to care for their loved ones in their  own home, but this can be extremely difficult given the caregiving skills required as well as securing your home to ensure your loved one does not leave and get lost. Sutton Homes is located in Central Florida and can provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care from our trained professionals and secured homes.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes provide around the clock nursing care for seniors and individuals who require a higher level of skilled nursing assistance and medical care than what an assisted living or memory care facility can offer.  Most nursing homes provide short-term rehabilitative stays for those recovering from an injury, illness or surgery that were recently in a hospital. Long-term care residents generally have high care needs and complex medical conditions that require routine skilled nursing services not available in an assisted living facility. They also perform activities for residents to encourage physical activity.

We would love to have you over at one of our homes for a tour! You’ll have to opportunity to compare our small memory care home to a larger community. Contact us for a tour!

Sutton Homes Stays Active for Healthy Aging

Staying Active for Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month! As we age, the importance of staying physically active becomes more pertinent. Of course, staying active is easier said than done. The hustle and bustle of everyday life tend to push out the room for exercising and eating a well-balanced diet. From slowing metabolism to an increase in chronic illnesses, seniors face a number of challenges their younger peers do not. Not to mention, when we age, it is harder to get around and find the motivation to do just that. This recent study published by The Journal of Neuroscience explains some seniors have areas in the brain similar to those of young people!

Along with lots of exercising, it is not only vital for a senior in Orlando, FL with housing benefits but at every age to eat a healthy diet, schedule continuous health check-ups, stay hydrated and even maintain connections in the community. It is also a good idea to check with your physician prior to beginning an exercise regimen and diet plan. This way, you know what is best for your body and can stay on track towards healthier living. By volunteering and staying active out in society, you can remain engaged with those around you as well. Just remember, applying these activities means less chance of disease like dementia and altercations in the future. Download the app, PokemonGo. Get outside and try to catch em’ all! Find any way to be active and motivate yourself to go on walks or even bike riding.

Sutton Homes performs a variety of exercises to get their residents moving and provide transportation to some outings to engage with other people and get the physical activity they need. As far as eating a healthy diet, water is essential! Sutton Homes provides healthy snacks and fresh water inside their homes for residents to enjoy no matter the time. You can never go wrong with fresh apples, ripe banana’s, and beautiful strawberries. Along with stocking water and healthy snacks, Sutton Homes also provides three healthy meals a day cooked daily by the caregivers.  Ultimately, Sutton Homes live by the three H’s: healthy, happy, and hydrated!

Identifying Alzheimer’s Disease

Many people have heard of the term Alzheimer’s, but until you experience someone who has it on a personal level, it can be difficult to truly apprehend. Memory is a delicate thing, and when it starts to slip, you may feel you’re no longer in control of your life. Some distinct signs point to this aging disease that are different from normal forgetfulness such as simply leave your phone at home or forgetting the name of someone you recently met. Those signs can be “memory loss that disrupts daily activities, challenges with planning or solving problems, confusion with time and place or understanding of visual images, withdrawal from work or other social activities, changes in mood or personality, difficulty with speech and/or writing.”

Mr. M experienced a similar scenario after visiting his mom and realizing her abnormal behavior was unlike Mrs. M normal routine. One trip to the doctor confirmed she in fact had beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, but that did hinder than relationship as a family. He was referred to a caregiver support group and The Alzheimer’s Association for additional guidance. When the time comes and you decide your loved one can no longer live alone, there are options available to consider, where both of you can live with peace of mind. Taking a comprehensive approach can overall improve their quality of life.

Sutton Homes specializes in caring for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In essence, there are not really suffering. It is us that feels more. But, due to the delicate stage your loved is in, Sutton Homes provides homes in residential neighborhoods to help ease their mind with familiarity. Moving from one home into another is less strenuous than moving into a large facility with multiple floors and numerous people to meet and see. Their caregivers are trained to help residents with Alzheimer’s/Dementia and since there is about 5 people max living in one home, caregivers and residents form a close family bond. There are not multiple caregivers coming though changing shifts, it is the same small number of people that rotate throughout the day. Sutton Homes has personally been told by a family that their loved ones remember a certain caregiver and look forward to spending the day with them. That is the purpose of Sutton Homes Memory Care, to allow your loved one to feel safe and comfortable under their specialized care to improve quality of life.

To read more about Mr. M’s story, click here

Take the Grandkids Back to School !

Summer is slowly coming to the end but those of us living in Central Florida are still feeling the heat! Are you returning from that lovely tropical vacation and preparing to get the kids off to school?! You’ll now have time to focus on locating an assisted living for mom our dad. Sutton Homes understands the stress involved in locating an appropriate memory care so we’re offering great deals if you move your loved one into our beautiful home in either Metrowest or Dr. Phillips area. We aren’t going to stop there though! We have an amazing memory care home in Mount Dora too!  Take advantage of these great deals.

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