New Studies Conclude Exercise Helps with Cognitive Declines

The results of four clinical trials presented at the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference (AAIC) in Vancouver, Canada provide proof that exercise helps the memory of the elderly. The four studies all concluded that targeted exercise will promote improved mental functioning, reduce the risk for cognitive impairment in healthy elderly adults as well as those with varying degrees of cognitive impairment.
The studies tested various types of exercise; Aerobic, resistance training and balance- stretching training. While other studies have concluded that aerobic exercise and in particular walking is beneficial for cognitive health, the new studies show that resistance training is emerging as particularly valuable for older adults.
The research suggests that exercise is essential to healthy aging and could be a strategy for delaying the onslaught or preventing cognitive impairment and dementia.
The trials were presented at the Alzheimer’s e Disease International Conference in July, 2012.

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