Mediterranean Diet May Fend Off Memory Loss

Brain Boost: Mediterranean Diet May Fend Off Memory Loss

Memory loss can affect almost anyone and although there is no definite cure, eating the right foods can help fend off age-related cognitive decline. Allison Aubrey, author of “Brain Boost” explains research has shown Mediterranean diets to be extremely helpful in maintaining the brain’s acuity. Fish, nuts, vegetables, and olive oil are just some of the many foods among that diet, which is great since these meals are so easy to prepare. Sutton Homes employs caregivers that provide these delicious meals three times a day for its residents. More importantly, they are prepared in a residential home to bring warm familiarity to the resident. Vegetables and fruits are crucial to their diet since these foods are rich in antioxidants. Researchers also documented in 2013 that the Mediterranean diet cut the risk of heart attack and strokes by almost 30 percent. Sutton Homes wholeheartedly believes continual healthy eating is the way to go, paying special attention to the preferences and needs of its residents.

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