Providing Memory Care in Central Florida Since 1994

As you grower older, your circle of friends tends to shrink. You get busy with your own life and start to lose touch. This is extremely common in older adults, more so in those 70 and older. Researchers found those who reported loneliness were more likely to have difficulties with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and more according to this article by The New York Times. As a senior, it’s easy to feel alone. All your kids have grown and moved out. You’re less likely to hang out with friends as this may require no issues with mobility and If you are someone who needs some assistance, this task is already strenuous. Making friends is very beneficial in fighting loneliness among seniors.

Assisted living communities are absolutely wonderful as they offer several opportunities for social interactions. “I couldn’t help noticing how many of the elders I spoke with had benefited from living in retirement communities and nursing homes- the very destinations so many people dread. They can provide proximity, shared activities, and a larger pool of prospective friends,” stated by Paula Span, author for The New York Times. Receiving that stimulation and engagement from others can immensely affect not only their activities of daily living, but also fight depression and loneliness. Being happy is our goal in the end.

At Sutton Homes, we offer residential homes with 5 others to interact and play games with. The small number of residents can create a more approachable environment whereas the larger, more overwhelming facilities make it slightly harder for those to make friends. Shy or not, walking into an activity, not knowing anyone and trying to make friends can be difficult. It’s like the first day of school all over again. We pride ourselves in providing the utmost care while allowing residents to form close bonds that will last a life time.

Sutton Homes was a godsend for my mother after my father died. Mother found comfort and companionship among the other Sutton Homes residents as well as from a staff of loving caregivers. Without Sutton Homes, my siblings and I would not have had the peace of mind of knowing that Mother was in the best possible place.

Kathryn Grammer