Let’s have fun this August!

It’s more than just fun and games for Sutton Home’s residents! Our goal is to ensure that they are receiving social interaction while having a fun time! Social interaction helps one stay sharp, as well as maintain social, emotional, and cognitive skills. We’ve combined all of these skills with activities and invited guests to sing, dance, and paint! Let’s not forget John C’s weekly activities that include ball toss, arts and crafts, sorting, etc.

Stop by throughout the month of August to enjoy some fun with our residents!

Music Therapy with Kendall:

8/4/15—Miscindy 10:00AM                8/6/15—Derbyshire 9:30AM

8/6/15—Glastonberry 10:30AM         8/6/15—Cynthianna 1:00PM

8/6/15—Tivoli 2:00PM                         8/13/15—Derbyshire 9:30AM

8/13/15—Glastonberry 10:30AM        8/13/15—Quenita 1:00PM

8/14/15—Cynthianna 9:30AM             8/14/15—Tivoli 10:30AM

8/18/15—St. Giles 10:00AM                 8/18/15—Sand Pines 11:00AM

8/21/15—Miscindy 1:00PM


Entertainment by Kenny Wayne:

8/4/15—Sand Pines 10:30AM                     8/4/15—St. Giles 1:30PM

8/6/15—Quenita 10:00AM                          8/6/15—Mt. Dora 2:00PM

8/11/15—Miscindy 10:30AM                       8/13/15—Mt. Dora 2:00PM

8/18/15—Cynthianna 10:00AM                 8/18/15—Tivoli 1:00PM

8/20/15—Derbyshire 9:00AM                    8/20/15—Glastonberry 11:00AM

8/25/15—Derbyshire 9:00AM                     8/25/15—Glastonberry 11:00AM

8/27/15—Cynthianna 10:00AM                 8/27/15—Tivoli 1:00PM


Team Elliott:

8/17/15—Quenita 10:30AM                         8/31/15—Glastonberry 10:30AM


Healthy Drumming with Jane:

8/5/15—Derbyshire 10:00AM                      8/12/15—Cynthianna 10:00AM

8/12/15—Tivoli 11:00AM                              8/19/15—Quenita 10:00AM



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