Learn German at Sutton Homes!

We have two wonderful German residents who live at our Derbyshire home. Coincidentally, both arrived in America when they were small children, have been able to maintain their native tongue, and reside in Central Florida at Sutton Homes. They spend the majority of their day speaking to each other in German as well as have our caregivers learning the language. During my last visit to this particular home, I noticed one of our caregivers had been practicing because she understood what our two residents were saying to one another!

I laugh because I never would have thought that our caregivers would  have the desire to learn German at Sutton Homes! When I asked the caregiver if she spoke German before she replied with “no, I am learning from our two German residents, they have been teaching me every day.” Along with the many other activities our memory care homes provide, German can now be added to the list!

They invited me to play a game of Scrabble and I agreed only if we played in “English” since I have yet to participate in their daily German lessons.During our Scrabble hour, I learned about how they arrived in America and asked how long it took them to learn English. One claimed to have arrived by boat with his mother. He also said that he went to a private school for boys and quickly picked up the English language. The other resident said she too arrived by boat and learned English while in grade school. Both spoke German at home with their families and what amazes me, is that after all these years of living in America, neither one of them have returned to their native country, Germany but still remember the language as well as their trip from Germany to the United States. Some memories never fade….

Stop by for your German Lesson at Sutton Homes Memory Care Homes!

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