Joy at Sutton Homes!

Oh Joy!

Meet Joy, administrator at Sutton Homes! She has been apart of the Sutton Homes team for over 10 years and is excellent at what she does. Joy started her career 11 years ago as a caregiver and after hard work and dedication, she moved up rank to administrator in charge of three assisted living homes within the Central Florida area and also leads resident caregivers. She has dealt with a variety of situations during her tenure that qualifies her as an expert in memory care.


Joy sees herself as a leader and teamwork is extremely important to her. She takes pride in her caregivers for the quality care they provide to residents. She truly believes in the small residential memory care home concept and when I asked Joy about her favorite part of her job, without hesitation, she replied “I enjoy being hands on with my residents”. She is a true advocate for providing quality care for both the Sutton Homes residents and their families.


When Joy is not working, you will find her spending time with her children as well as cooking her favorite Latin food. Don’t be surprised if she combines her hobbies with her caregivers and residents because Joy often visits her residential memory care homes on the weekends to cook for residents and their family members. Her goal is to maintain support and communication between Sutton Homes and resident family members.


“I am an administrator but I am also an advocate for Sutton Homes residents and their families. Quality care is extremely important to me.” – Joy


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