In loving memory of Jack

My Brother Jack

Mary Lou, whose brother resided in Sutton Homes, is putting together a lovely 45-minute film in loving memory of Jack to celebrate the times they cherished together. The film will be placed in film festivals all across America, including the festival, “Sprout: Making the Invisible Visible.

“The film is really my story,” Mary Lou told me. When she “suddenly becomes the guardian of her aging brother, who is developmentally disabled, she reflects on their lives and the impact he’s had on hers, and is completely unprepared and overwhelmed by her new responsibilities, initially relying on others, but ultimately, finding purpose in her role and a belief in herself.” Mary Lou explains that the film is more than just memories they shared, but displays the influence Jack had on her life in such a positive manner.

Mary Lou also talked about how “the second part of the film covers the period when I am Jack’s guardian, after our parents have died, and I am trying to figure out what is best for him.” She tells us how fortunate she was to find Sutton Homes! “The home was beautiful, and Jack loved it there.  Sarah and Christine (his caregivers) were his angels!  He also became friends with another resident, Bill, and they would sit together in the beautiful courtyard and watch the squirrels. The home was just so intimate and caring and loving.”

Throughout his time at Sutton Homes, Mary Lou was extremely grateful and touched by Sutton Homes extraordinary care for Jack. Mary Lou explains at Jack’s previous home, he never had a real relationship with his caregivers, as there were so many of them on different shifts. Because of his dementia, he never learned their names. But, at Sutton Homes, he knew Sarah and Christine as friends, and he knew their names!  Because there were just the two of them on 24-hour shifts, Jack was so much more comfortable and relaxed and familiar with them, and he trusted them and grew to love them.” Sutton Homes provides assisted living in smaller residential homes so the residents feel right at home in a familiar setting while building dear friendships with the other residents and the caregivers.

To be able to provide unique, quality care, for people in need is truly remarkable and the fact that Sutton Homes does just that is extremely heartwarming. We thank you, Mary Lou, for creating such a wonderful film about Jack’s time here at Sutton Homes. We are forever grateful to have known someone as special and memorable as Jack.



Thank you Jack for being part of the Sutton Homes Family! Jack lived at our St. Giles home.

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