Improving Strength for Dementia Residents

Strengthening muscles of residents living with dementia is extremely important. Strength Training for Residents with Dementia explains that loss of strength will ultimately lead to a rapid decline in health. To prevent isolation and even depression while improving one’s quality of life, there are three simple steps to engage residents in: approach, adaptation, and observation. Sutton Homes partakes in all three of these steps in their residential homes because they understand the importance of improving their activities of daily living. Each resident is different and that is why Sutton Homes caregivers approach all residents with dignity and respect while using correct verbal cues to reassure them. Adaptation is just as important and really entering their world and adapting to their environment can make all the difference. Since Sutton Homes offer smaller homes with fewer residents, observing each individual is fairly easy to track and ensure they are maintaining the necessary strength training customized to each person.

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