Identifying Alzheimer’s Disease

Many people have heard of the term Alzheimer’s, but until you experience someone who has it on a personal level, it can be difficult to truly apprehend. Memory is a delicate thing, and when it starts to slip, you may feel you’re no longer in control of your life. Some distinct signs point to this aging disease that are different from normal forgetfulness such as simply leave your phone at home or forgetting the name of someone you recently met. Those signs can be “memory loss that disrupts daily activities, challenges with planning or solving problems, confusion with time and place or understanding of visual images, withdrawal from work or other social activities, changes in mood or personality, difficulty with speech and/or writing.”

Mr. M experienced a similar scenario after visiting his mom and realizing her abnormal behavior was unlike Mrs. M normal routine. One trip to the doctor confirmed she in fact had beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, but that did hinder than relationship as a family. He was referred to a caregiver support group and The Alzheimer’s Association for additional guidance. When the time comes and you decide your loved one can no longer live alone, there are options available to consider, where both of you can live with peace of mind. Taking a comprehensive approach can overall improve their quality of life.

Sutton Homes specializes in caring for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In essence, there are not really suffering. It is us that feels more. But, due to the delicate stage your loved is in, Sutton Homes provides homes in residential neighborhoods to help ease their mind with familiarity. Moving from one home into another is less strenuous than moving into a large facility with multiple floors and numerous people to meet and see. Their caregivers are trained to help residents with Alzheimer’s/Dementia and since there is about 5 people max living in one home, caregivers and residents form a close family bond. There are not multiple caregivers coming though changing shifts, it is the same small number of people that rotate throughout the day. Sutton Homes has personally been told by a family that their loved ones remember a certain caregiver and look forward to spending the day with them. That is the purpose of Sutton Homes Memory Care, to allow your loved one to feel safe and comfortable under their specialized care to improve quality of life.

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