Hydration is essential for seniors!

Hydration is essential for seniors! “Older Adults Can be At Risk for Dehydration.” It may come as no surprise staying hydrated is vital to avoid serious consequences. Seniors are at a higher risk because not only does several bodily functions decline as we age, older people may have mobility issues and not intake the right amount of water each day. The article mentions that 48 percent of older adults show signs of dehydrations after admission into the hospital. A large repercussion of not hydrating is that if you are normally a healthy individual, and then get a 24 hour bug, such as the stomach flu, your body may suffer from serious medical issues than just the virus. Dehydration can lead to various complications; seizures, kidney failure, UTI’s and brain swelling just to name a few. These side effects alone should be the reason everyone must hydrate, especially seniors! Sutton Homes understands the risks associated with dehydration and thus, provide the right amount of fluids to their residents as they offer meals with water, juice, or any other drink. Even though seniors sometimes lose the sensation of thirst, the caregivers at Sutton Homes are trained to give fluids throughout the day, ensuring residents are well hydrated. Living alone can be difficult to get the daily amount of water, and like the article mentioned, sometimes nursing homes may also be problematic, but Sutton Homes offers memory care assisted living facilities in residential homes with a small group of residents in Central Florida. This allows for a close family bond while managing a smaller number of individuals’ care. Hydration is essential in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Sutton Homes ultimately strives for the same healthy living for their residents, especially during hot Florida summers!

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