Home for the holidays!

I knew mom’s behavior was changing but I assumed it was due to her aging gracefully. When I call, she was often forgetful about when she saw me last, how to use the phone to return my calls, or when she does remember how to use her phone, I receive late night calls asking how to work her television remote.

Now I am home for the holidays noticing a big change in her. She repeats herself over and over, asks me the same question every two minutes, and forgets how to complete a sentence. She is also confusing me with her sister who passed some time ago…. Mom’s neighbors approached me and warned me that mom is inviting strangers into her home for coffee; my mom hates coffee.

I can’t leave her alone like this but I know I can’t move her into my tiny apartment out of state either.

Is it time for her to move into an assisted living facility? I am afraid she would hate me for moving her into a place away from her own home. A large facility with long hallways and several new faces. My mother gets overwhelmed in large crowds so moving her into a large building is not a good idea. After researching nursing homes versus assisted living as well as small residential assisted living facilities, I realize that a small 5-6 person home is a wonderful option for mom.

A home with cooked meals, one caregiver to serve sonf help with activities of daily living, as well as ensure her safety is the perfect option for mom not to feel overwhelmed with scheduled activities and multiple people around her. Mom can feel like she is in her own home away from home.

Sutton Homes offers a residential style assisted living for those living with memory impairments. Their business model is to ensure that resident’s don’t forget what it feels to be at home. They have 24 hour caregivers, activities, and home-cooked meals. Knowing that your loved one is well taken care of through out the year is a relief. When you come home for the holiday’s, you’re visiting your loved one in their home, Sutton Homes.

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Happy Holidays!

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