Could memory lapses be a sign of dementia?

A recently published article on entitled Early memory lapses may be sign of dementia, by Jen Christensen, contains information about the latest research into dementia and some of its early risk factors. Highlights of the article include:

  • Research: People who feel they are forgetting more things may be more prone to dementia
  • Smokers who have memory complaints slide into more serious conditions earlier
  • Women who took hormone replacement therapy staved off dementia longer, study says

The article begins:

At least once a week a patient will come into Dr. Thomas Loepfe’s busy geriatric clinic in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, with a worry. She will tell him she’s been misplacing her glasses lately, or he’ll say he’s concerned about losing the car keys.

“Age is the biggest risk factor for forgetfulness, so this can be perfectly normal,” Loepfe said. As a geriatrician in the Mayo Clinic Health System, his patient population…

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