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Hydration is essential for seniors!

Hydration is essential for seniors! “Older Adults Can be At Risk for Dehydration.” It may come as no surprise staying hydrated is vital to avoid serious consequences. Seniors are at a higher risk because not only does several bodily functions decline as we age, older people may have mobility issues and not intake the right amount of water each day. The article mentions that 48 percent of older adults show signs of dehydrations after admission into the hospital. A large repercussion of not hydrating is that if you are normally a healthy individual, and then get a 24 hour bug, such as the stomach flu, your body may suffer from serious medical issues than just the virus. Dehydration can lead to various complications; seizures, kidney failure, UTI’s and brain swelling just to name a few. These side effects alone should be the reason everyone must hydrate, especially seniors! Sutton Homes understands the risks associated with dehydration and thus, provide the right amount of fluids to their residents as they offer meals with water, juice, or any other drink. Even though seniors sometimes lose the sensation of thirst, the caregivers at Sutton Homes are trained to give fluids throughout the day, ensuring residents are well hydrated. Living alone can be difficult to get the daily amount of water, and like the article mentioned, sometimes nursing homes may also be problematic, but Sutton Homes offers memory care assisted living facilities in residential homes with a small group of residents in Central Florida. This allows for a close family bond while managing a smaller number of individuals’ care. Hydration is essential in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Sutton Homes ultimately strives for the same healthy living for their residents, especially during hot Florida summers!

Mount Dora Assisted Living Facility, Sutton Homes

Mount Dora Assisted Living Facility -Sutton Homes

Large assisted living communities can be overwhelming, but Sutton Homes offers not only a small loving, intimate home, but memory care as well. These cozy homes bring back familiar settings as they occupy residential neighborhoods in the Central Florida area.

Mount Dora is one of their locations, beautifully chosen because of the gorgeous landscape and lively activities nearby. Mount Dora lies along the shores of Lake Dora. The village itself is a charming little spot seemingly untouched by the hustle of modern day life. Cab boat rides are offered to locals and even tourists who appreciate such beauty the lake produces.

The surrounding community play host to many fabulous, world-class events. Every month, a festival occurs in Mount Dora from their Spring Craft Show in March down to November for their Plant & Garden Fair. During the holidays, several more festive activities spring up, especially near Christmas. Concerts are galore with famous musicians, such as The David Allman Band and Atlanta Rhythm Section playing in upcoming shows.

In essence, this city always has something to offer, which gives people a reason to be active and explore the area. Sutton Homes currently has available space for memory care in their Mount Dora home and would love to schedule a tour. There is always peace of mind knowing that your loved one or yourself has the opportunity to be apart of such an involved community similar as this town.

Click here for a virtual tour or call us to see this beautiful home.


Back to school, back to reality


As children go back to school, your full time role of caring for your loved one returns. Having the children home for the summer was such a big help with assisting with caring for your dear family member or friend. You find yourself appreciating even just a 10 minute run to the bank or store but now the demands of care, sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, and lack of balance are about to begin again as your help is goes back to school.

Most articles about caregiver burn out tell you to ask for help from others but what if there is no one else or if there are other family members, maybe they are to consumed with their own life to help out…. Believe it or not, your health is at risk too. If you allow your health to decline who will be there to care for your loved one?

Consider alternatives such as adult daycare, respite care, and a possible transition into assisted living for your loved one. Let me guess, you don’t think you can do that to your loved one? It’s such an emotional decision and what will people think or say? Your emotional feelings are similar to when you sent your own children off to school; relief, sadness, and concern. You are not alone and most people have the same emotions as you’re feeling right this very minute. Making the choice to move your loved one into assisted living even if just for respite care is a huge decision but know that you have options.

Take a few days to care for you too! Sutton Homes, like many other assisted living facilities offers respite care. Our homes are in upscale residential neighborhoods. Living in a home with familiar surroundings gives our residents a sense of peace and security that they might not have in other facilities. Your loved one can transition from “home to home” with ease. Click here to see a list of locations and virtual tours. We’re here to help you! Don’t wait for the next break from school for help. Contact us for your personal back to school break.



Exercise and Health Benefit for those Living with Dementia

Our residents enjoy exercising in their secured landscaped yards. Chair aerobics has many health benefits including: improved mood, better sleep, maintenance of motor skills, and improved memory/behavior. For more information about Dementia and exercise, please read Dementia- activities and exercise.

The article offers several suggestions for those living with dementia on how to stay active. You will notice the article mentions the exact same activities Sutton Homes residents participate in for example, housework such as assisting with baking and folding laundry. Exercise activities does not have to be structured! Have fun, be creative, and stay active!


Sutton Homes Memory Care Residents enjoy the outdoors and stay active! Our Mt. Dora residents are participating in chair aerobics.

Sutton Homes Memory Care Residents enjoy the outdoors and stay active! Our Mt. Dora residents are participating in exercise.

Our resident made us feel right at home!

Today while touring one of our Central Florida assisted living homes, a resident stepped in and showed us around “her home.” It was nice to get feedback from her perspective about the yard, rooms, and meals Sutton Homes offers.  This kind resident guided us through the back yard and told us how she likes to sit outside and watch the birds. She then told us that her caregiver cooks the best meals…. Although she couldn’t remember what she ate for breakfast, she definitely knew that whatever it was, she enjoyed it!

The Sutton Homes concept is for those residents living with Alzheimer’s or dementia to reside in an actual home, in an upscale residential neighborhood, where they feel right at home…  Some of the benefits of residing in a small assisted living home versus a large facility is that we offer more of a personal touch and work closely with family members. Click here to view a side by side comparison of Sutton Homes to other providers.

Interested in visiting any of our Central Florida assisted living homes? Contact us today, we would love to have you over!

Scents Can Spark Memories


I recently gave a tour to a kind gentleman who was looking for an alternate assisted living facility for his mother. He told me that his mom has been living in her current ALF for the last 6 months and often gets lost within the building. He also mentioned that she forgets to eat and he is now forced to pay a monthly convenience fee so a caregiver can remind her when it is time to eat with the other residents in the large dining area.

Needless to say he was impressed with Sutton Homes’ all-inclusive rate with no extra charges for levels of care. Then he asked our caregiver, “Will you remind my mother when it is time for her to eat?” Our caregiver replied, “I probably won’t have to. The residents always smell our home cooked meals and participate with meal preparation.”

It never occurred to me that one does not smell cooked meals within a large facility thus, forgetting to eat. As stated on, “Although someone with severe-stage dementia may seem beyond all interaction, you may be able to reach in and connect through smell.” This makes perfect sense… I know when I smell a home cooked meal or baked cookies I am in a happier mood.

Read the article here:

Tax tip! You may be eligible to claim your parent as a dependent

It’s tax season again! If you contribute towards your parent’s assisted living, you may be eligible to claim him or her as a dependent. Here is a great tip from USAA Magazine regarding overlooked credits and write-offs for caregivers,  “Those supporting an aging parent may be able to claim the parent as a dependent even if the parent lives in his or her own home or in an assisted living facility. You must provide more than 50% of your parent’s support costs. If your parent is your dependent and you’re not married, you may also qualify for head of household filing status.”



Welcome to our newly updated website!

Sutton Homes is excited to announce the launch of our newly updated website,, to provide site visitors easy to find resources about our memory care homes and the most current and innovative information about Alzheimer’s disease/dementia. Some new features include links to our photo gallery, social media pages, and a side-by-side comparison of Sutton Homes to other providers.

Resident Autonomy in Assisted Living Facilities

Martin Bayne, a self described observer- advocate for the elderly, is speaking up about the treatment of residents and facilities at assisted living facilities. In articles in The Washington Post and Health Affairs and an interview on NPR’s ”All Things Considered”, He has 3 main areas of concern:

1.    The top down management approach of many assisted living administrators that strip residents of their autonomy.  Taking control away from residents leaves them feeling powerless to make decisions affecting their lives.
2.    The problem of emotional coping for assisted living facility residents. Overcoming the feeling of isolation and loss is common and isn’t typically addressed.
3.    Operational shortfalls of assisted living facilities. Doorways that are too narrow and lack of wheelchair ramps in facilities limit accessibility and are too common.

Sutton Homes is a leader in the area of self determination for their residents. The “Residents First” program encourages our residents to maintain as much control over their lives as possible.  We recognize that our residents have had to sacrifice many of their freedoms because of their condition and want them to have as much of that freedom as possible.
Martin Bayne, has been a resident of a nursing home since he was stricken with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 53.

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