‘Ballroom For The Brain’ dance program provides many benefits for Orlando Alzheimer’s Patients

This wonderful article in the Orlando Sentinel, entitled Dance party stimulates minds, bodies of Alzheimer’s patients by Susan Jacobson, highlights this fun and healthy dance program for Alzheimer’s patients. The program, called “Ballroom for the Brain” helps seniors to keep their minds and bodies active, as well as have a great time!

Watch Video of Dance Class

Ballroom for the Brain Dance Class Video

To quote the article:

The weekly dance party is designed to stimulate the minds and bodies of people in the early stages of dementia. Saturday’s class was the final in a series that began June 21. Another series is scheduled for October.

“It’s a failure-free environment,” said Julie Shatzer, director of programs for the Alzheimer’s Association, who co-founded Ballroom for the Brain with John Davis, president of the Orlando chapter of USA Dance.

Ballroom dance requires participants to remember steps, move to music, make split-second decisions, trust a partner and communicate nonverbally — skills that proponents hope will help people with the disease.

“You’re touching, relating to someone; you have to manage complex steps,” Davis said…

“You’ve never seen anyone frowning on a dance floor,” she said. “Everyone is happy.”

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