Back to school, back to reality


As children go back to school, your full time role of caring for your loved one returns. Having the children home for the summer was such a big help with assisting with caring for your dear family member or friend. You find yourself appreciating even just a 10 minute run to the bank or store but now the demands of care, sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, and lack of balance are about to begin again as your help is goes back to school.

Most articles about caregiver burn out tell you to ask for help from others but what if there is no one else or if there are other family members, maybe they are to consumed with their own life to help out…. Believe it or not, your health is at risk too. If you allow your health to decline who will be there to care for your loved one?

Consider alternatives such as adult daycare, respite care, and a possible transition into assisted living for your loved one. Let me guess, you don’t think you can do that to your loved one? It’s such an emotional decision and what will people think or say? Your emotional feelings are similar to when you sent your own children off to school; relief, sadness, and concern. You are not alone and most people have the same emotions as you’re feeling right this very minute. Making the choice to move your loved one into assisted living even if just for respite care is a huge decision but know that you have options.

Take a few days to care for you too! Sutton Homes, like many other assisted living facilities offers respite care. Our homes are in upscale residential neighborhoods. Living in a home with familiar surroundings gives our residents a sense of peace and security that they might not have in other facilities. Your loved one can transition from “home to home” with ease. Click here to see a list of locations and virtual tours. We’re here to help you! Don’t wait for the next break from school for help. Contact us for your personal back to school break.



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