Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month! Alzheimer’s affects everyone differently as there are several forms of Dementia with different signs and symptoms. Does your loved one confuse their words when they speak? Do they seem to get more agitated in the evening? Are they having trouble sleeping through the night or forgetting what day it is? When visiting over the upcoming holidays, take a moment to really notice your loved one’s behavior when you’re together enjoying family time. Engaging yourself and staying aware can help you determine if there are differences in their behavior. Keeping up with any minor change can better prepare you and your loved one for the future.

If you notice that your loved one may need some additional assistance with their daily living, or needs a caregiver to ensure their safety, please consider touring Sutton Homes Memory Care. We offer a residential memory care home that specializes in caring for those living with memory impairments and engage our residents with daily activities and exercises to stay healthy and active.  At Sutton Homes you’ll feel an intimate and familiar feeling of being “at home” versus that overwhelming feeling of being in an institutionalized facility.

Sutton Homes Memory Care is currently serving three counties in the Central Florida area.
Call (407) 740-8815 for a tour in your area!

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