A device for Parkinson’s disease

The benefits of Liftware. A device for Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s,  a  chronic  movement disorder, is a form of dementia that affects nearly one million people in the US. The development of the Liftware utensil, mentioned in Medscape’s article, may be doing a lot more for tremor sufferers than helping them eat. Neurologists are convinced that the technology within the device can be used to gauge and track a patient’s progress on certain medications. This will aid in diagnosing future PD and ET sufferers’ clinical tremor ratings, a process that currently requires expertise, is subjective, and are infrequently carried out. The device was used in conjunction with a panel of experts in tremor ratings and the scores had very little derivation which shows great promise. This device could be a real game changer for individuals battling parkinson’s. Although Sutton Homes does not currently provide these advanced utensils in their residential homes, they encourage families of their senior loved ones to look into its wonderful benefits.


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