8 questions to ask yourself before becoming a caregiver for a family member

Are you ready for the demands, responsibilities and rewards of becoming a family caregiver? Ask yourself these 8 questions, from the article entitled “8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver” on A Place for Mom (www.aplaceformom.com), first.

As this article states, being a full-time caregiver affects your mental and emotional, and even physical, health. It can have effects on your relationship with your parent, and other relationships. In order to prepare for the changes ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I really capable of taking care of Mom all by myself? Do I need to hire outside help or consider assisted living?

2. Do I have the social support and resources I’m going to need?

3. Will I be able to make time for myself and my family?

4. How will caregiving affect my physical and mental health?

5. Will I be able to allow myself to accept help and take breaks?

6. Am I financially prepared for the extra costs of caregiving?

7. Will I be able to cut back on work responsibilities during those times when I need to care for my parent?

8. If a loved one has dementia and can no longer filter their behavior, will I be able to cope with potentially hurtful words or actions?

As this article points out, asking these questions are an important and excellent exercise to help determine one’s readiness to become a caregiver for an aging parent.

Please see the full article, written by by Sarah Stevenson, for more excellent information, helpful tips and links for family caregivers, and those considering becoming caregivers.

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