Brain Up Central Florida!

Check out this new program developed by the  Alzheimer’s Association through a grant from the Winter Park Health Foundation.  This free program called, Brain Up! was developed to help make you more conscientious about keeping your brain healthy for a lifetime.  With this new program, we hope to: promote public understanding of brain health; raise awareness of how important it is to become brain healthy, and; inspire people of all ages and brain abilities to engage in and commit to a brain-healthy lifestyle.

By visiting the website at and signing the Brainifesto, you will receive scientifically-based information, tips and alerts on how to promote your own brain health.  Share this information with family and friends, through word-of-mouth and social media, and work with us on this mission to develop mightier minds across our community.

Don’t fret because there are more brain-health surprises and community-wide activities to come, so pull up the attachment and get connected to today.  Make sure to sign the Brainifesto and to “like us” on Facebook and always remember that building better brains is fun!

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