Our resident made us feel right at home!

Today while touring one of our Central Florida assisted living homes, a resident stepped in and showed us around “her home.” It was nice to get feedback from her perspective about the yard, rooms, and meals Sutton Homes offers.  This kind resident guided us through the back yard and told us how she likes to sit outside and watch the birds. She then told us that her caregiver cooks the best meals…. Although she couldn’t remember what she ate for breakfast, she definitely knew that whatever it was, she enjoyed it!

The Sutton Homes concept is for those residents living with Alzheimer’s or dementia to reside in an actual home, in an upscale residential neighborhood, where they feel right at home…  Some of the benefits of residing in a small assisted living home versus a large facility is that we offer more of a personal touch and work closely with family members. Click here to view a side by side comparison of Sutton Homes to other providers.

Interested in visiting any of our Central Florida assisted living homes? Contact us today, we would love to have you over!

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